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Dwarf Het Anery Sunfire


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These beautiful Dwarf Sunfire het Anerys come from a breeding using high percentage dwarves from Jampea, Selayer, and SuperDwarf blood.  This combination made for some very striking triple dwarf snakes, with the great contrast, vibrant color, and small size that those localities are known for.  Add to that the fact that they are 100% het Anerythristic, and it makes for some snakes with amazing breeding potential for those breeders who are conscientious about having animals that were selectively bred to have all the best possible traits in one animal.  These Sunfires have intense patterns, bold black borders and a deep orange base that will throw some very cool never before seen Anery combos.  The Sunfire/ Anery combination is still a very rare one, and there are even fewer with Superdwarf influence like these.

Dwarf Het Anery Sunfire
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