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Living the Mochino Dream

Male: Mochino Platinum Tiger Female: Mochino Motley Tiger (2 years old)


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If you want to see the Mocha and Mochino combos you've dreamed up come to life this is the perfect package for you ! The female is already two years old which means you can have her breeding possibly as soon as 18 months, and the combos you will hatch out will blow you away. Just imagine cutting open the eggs and seeing Mocha Motley Super Tigers (Mocha Pineapples), Mocha Platinum Motleys, Mochino Platinum Motley Super Tigers and so many other never before seen reticulated pythons ! This package will instantly put you up with the top Mochino breeders in the country and will give you an opportunity to make multiple worlds first. In closing this clutch will not only give you genetic diversity in the clutch, but also give you never before seen stunning mutations that are sure to make your jaw drop, come live the Mochino dream with this package! 

Live the Mochino Dream
ID # MoMo001BR